Last Miners at Eden Pit (which at one time was owned by CIC) by Michael Murphy + Leadgate Coal Company

I was one of the last coal miners to work at Leadgate Coal Company when it closed in 1991.

I also have a couple of photos of the last miner’s to work there. Would they be of any interest for your website

Regards Michael Murphy

Photos of the last miners to work at the Eden Pit That’s me in the blue t shirt, Ian Hamilton on his knees with the shovel, forgot the name’s of the others but if there members of this website I am sure they will let me know.

My uncle John Murphy (deputy) and his Father and my grandfather Patrick Murphy also worked there along with my great uncle Lawrence Steel.

The other photo is the steam winder decommissioned when NCB Closed the colliery.

Hope you can use them

Michael Murphy.

Also we were in separate working and everything was hand balled, you had to get 12 one ton tubs out to cover your days wages and every tub after that was £5 bonus, averaging 15 – 17 tubs per day, it was hard work but i was fit as a flea


2 thoughts on “Last Miners at Eden Pit (which at one time was owned by CIC) by Michael Murphy + Leadgate Coal Company”

  1. My Uncle Mat Swales worked there he mentioned a John Murphey not sure if its same man. Mat live in Dipton later at High Stables


  2. I was Living at Ushaw moor back then and travelled to work at number one , id get the bus with a lad who worked at lcc . canny bloke big lad with a tash , i felt sorry for him on way home , he was black as the roads , and always stood up the whole journey rather than mucky the seats , he was from easington , sacked during strike , and on a night would sneak into the pit for a wash , before home ,
    i also know stephen robson worked there from leadgate , roppa ,old school friend


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