Land of Oak & Iron Local History Day May 27th 2023

History of Consett Steelworks project team were delighted to be invited to be part of the Local History Day at the Land of Oak & Iron Heritage Centre in Winlaton

See some pictures of our displays both indoors and outdoors

We were able to allow people via the Virtual Reality Headset to “enjoy” a wander in the old site (more work on this is ongoing)

We also had some items from Building Self Belief who we are working with on their 2 year National Lottery Heritage Funded project- see link –

Some framed photographs from Alan Swinburne, HCSW and also Consett & District Heritage Initative

HCSW is also proud to be a member of The County Durham Forum for History & Heritage

Good to see other groups Gateshead Coucil, Sunniside History Society, The Derwentcote Furnace and Winlaton & District History Scoiety

Thank you to all who came along

Links to the groups etc Consett & District Heritage Initative


Apprentice in-take pic for 1970-can you help?

Michael Wylie

Went along today. 48 years since I have been in Castleside club. I was hoping to find a photograph of the 1970 apprentice intake.. Every year seemed to be there except 1970. Does anyone have one?

Geoffrey Bell Anderson

Michael Wylie The apprentice intake photo’s were mainly taken for the company magazine, It ceased publication in 1968 so after that apprentice photo’s are very rare.

Apprentice in take pic Feb 1964 from the CIC Magazine

Adopt a Station/Signal Box

As part of the ongoing Mapping and 3D work on mapping not only the Steelworks site but the railways that supplied it we would like to ask people to consider supporting the research by adpoting a station or signal box

To research the history, find pictures and do “now” pictures too

We hope this will then form on line library and also be part of future exhibitions/displays

Please comment, email or comment on our Facebook group

An example of what the 3D work can produce is below for Carr House Signal Box

Arthur Phillipson Consett Steelworks Photographer (and also Consett Area)

We would welcome your help to build up a “story” about Arthur and also to share some of his pictures both of the Steelworks, its workers but also local pictures as we understand he took wedding photographs etc

Did you know him or family?

Did you work with him?

Did he take pictures of your wedding or special days?

The Aims of the History Consett Steelworks Project

After our initial online launch due to COVID we are now beginning to work on the next stage of the development of the project

To this end and to share the aims of the project here are our aims

  1. To work towards becoming a form of charity with Trustees etc to then be able to seek funding from various sources
  2. To archive various items including photographs, documents etc in a range of ways with the desire to make it accessible to all
  3. To improve and add to our website
  4. To campaign for a permanent display space/museum
  5. To work towards to finding the next generation of custodians to carry on the work
  6. To continue with the “mapping of the site” and to display this in a range of ways including hopefully 3D modeling and Virtual reality
  7. To work with other groups and projects to support their Steelworks or Consett area based activities
  8. To promote the work we are doing in various ways from social media, to displays, exhibitions and video/oral recordings
  9. To be a custodian of any donations already made or made in the future
  10. To be available to provide information for researchers, media and the like

We would like to thank the near 3,000 members of the Facebook group

This is only the start and watch out for updates as we move forward

Derek Foster Crane Driver

Deborah Spencer kindly got in touch

My dad Derek Foster

The one on the right tonight black and white picture. The other men are Tommy really he was a slinger( now deceased) and Barry Symore he was a slinger.( he went to Australia, ).

My dad Derek was a crane driver from 1961 -1981.

Now added to HCSW Facebook page album of “Workers”

Do get in touch to add yourself or a family member

Sketch Donation

Following recent presentation at Consett Salvation Army we were kindly contacted by Isabel Panting with a donation of some sketches of the Steelworks she had when she Landlord at a local pub

We will make sure they form part of future exhibitions and displays so they can be enjoyed by as many people as possible and for future generations to come

Do comment or get in touch if have any items you could consider donating