Forged over 140 Years Day 7

Day 7: Bare Metal: taking down 140 years of steel production

Our thanks to Bill Roberton for providing some of the above images of the site in the mid 1980s.

Following the closure of the Works and the cessation of production and operations, which took place over September and October 1980, demolition of the site started almost immediately. Bittersweet, this provided much-needed work for some former steelworkers. Within three years there was little trace of the once dominant steelworks. The images below, from South Pelaw Junction and taken by Stephen McGahon show the same spot – on the A692 bridge – but 8 years apart. The first is in 1976 and the second was taken in 1984.

Copyright Stephen McGahon

For this evening’s talk we will be joined by Julian Germain, a photographer and visual artist, who will talk about his work to record the last years of the Works and the clearance of the site. His photographic project, Steel works 1986 – 1990, provides some fabulous images of Consett and Consett people before and after closure.

Join us at 7pm to hear more from Julian about his work and recollections of Consett after the steelworks.
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