Forged over 140 Years Day 2

Day two: Steel on the Move: the transport infrastructure of Consett

The Stanhope & Tyne Rail-Road with Rob Langham

When it opened in 1834, the Stanhope & Tyne Rail-Road which ran from the limestone quarry at Crawleyside via the south of Consett to South Shields, there was no trace of what would become the huge iron and later steel works at Consett.

The railway went bankrupt in 1841, a year after the iron works at Consett started. Fortunately the line – which split into two halves – was taken over by different companies and became vital in supplying Consett with limestone, iron ore and other materials necessary for the works, as well as being the means for delivering the products of it.

This talk covers the history of the railways which supplied Consett, based on the book on the Stanhope & Tyne due out later this year from Amberley Books

Rob is an ardent enthusiast and researcher of both Great War and transport history topics, Rob Langham strives to bring the often lesser-known subjects that interest him to a wider audience, and to do so in an interesting manner. By mixing his research skills and enthusiasm for new knowledge by spending time in archives together with his love of outdoors in tracing historical locations on foot, Rob tries where possible to put his feet on the ground of the topics he is researching to get a better feel for them. This can range in extremes from the slopes of Kiretch Tepe Sirt at Gallipoli looking for artillery emplacements to walking old railway routes near his home in County Durham, England. Following the recent completion of a Masters degree in a History of Britain and the First World War at the University of Wolverhampton, Rob is looking forward to continuing his writing with numerous books planned over the coming years.

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