Gas Pipeline from Derwenthaugh Coke Works to Consett Steelworks

An interesting comment and follow up on the HCSW Facebook group

Charlie Smith wrote

There was a gas line from s to Templeton brick flats

Robert Gowland wrote

It was completed when George Lonie was Fuel Engineer.

The line was Derwenthaugh up to road near Whickham Golf Course along to Pickering Nook following old railtrack up to Delves all underground.

It was then on Concrete Supports Hownsgill Plate mill to Fell Coke Works.

The N.C.B. negotiated the Wayleaves to the Works from Team Valley Coal House Headquarters and the line installation including the Gas Booster Station at Derwenthaugh.

Consett Works Engineering were responsible work on its own land.

Ted Jeffries (a Leadgate Lad) was the Section Leader supervising the line design – expansion joints, supports etc., It saved Gas being wasted by being flared at DH.

Another First for Consett Works.

Land of Oak and Iron link re the Derwenthaugh Coke Works- they do some guided walks on occasion

Crowley Ironworks & Derwenthaugh Coke Works

Article about the re-use of old Coke Works land

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Source and thanks to Winlaton and District Local History Society

Source and thanks to Land of Oak and Iron from a video by them –

Did you work at the Coke Works?

Did you help with the install or maintenance of the pipeline?


In memory of (red) Ray Thompson

RAY THOMPSON20 December 1931 – 15 December 2021

Heather Thompson (daughter) has agreed for the following to be shared

Announce death of (red) Ray Thompson of Castleside.

He started at CIC as an apprentice electrician around 1946 when he was 14, working alongside many women who continued their wartime service at the works in the years immediately after the end of World War 2.

Apart from a period of broken service in the 1960s while he built his beloved house at Castleside, he worked at British Steel till the closure in 1979, serving as electricians’ convenor and Union rep for the EEPTU.

A staunch socialist, Ray could be uncompromising and sometimes did not see eye to eye even with other union men, especially if he felt their views were not aligned with the will of the people, from whence he derived his mandate.

Ray retained his socialist principles to the end, preferring to die at home rather than unnecessarily costing his beloved NHS the unnecessary expense of an ambulance.

Despite multiple serious illnesses, blindness and deafness he never once complained. And he fought bravely to the last.

He spent his last minutes with his daughters and grandchildren, finally at peace and pain free – a good death for a good man.

Image taken by Peter Brabban

Val Boyle wrote the following on the HCSW Facebook group and has agreed for it to be added to this post

What a wonderful man he was. I feel lucky to have met him and privileged to have worked with him on Tales of Derwentdale.

If it wasn’t for Ray, I’d never have found out about J.W.Fawcett, and his campaign to get a gravestone for one of his heroes was typical of this lovely, principled, clever, funny man.

Ray, you’re a hero of mine too.

on reply to me asking if ok to share

Yes, of course, thank-you Richard. It’s an honour to be associated with him at all.

Here’s another photo from the speech he gave at the launch of the book in the Lodge at Blackhill Park.

Val Boyle and Ray Thompson at a launch event for the revised Tales of Derwentdale by the publication group of Land of Oak & Iron Trust –

Ray at a Book Launch- Here’s another photo from the speech he gave at the launch of the book in the Lodge at Blackhill Park. shared by agreement thanks to Val Boyle

HCSW Project delighted to Be members of County Durham Forum for History & Heritage

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Also Margaret Hedley the Honourary Chair gave a wonderful Zoom Talk on Women of the Coalfield

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Uncovering the past for over 30 years

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