Consett’s Christmas Countdown Day 3

It is an incredible source of local pride that such an important and evocative feature of Christmas, the Salvation Army Band playing Christmas carols, started in Consett.

It was 141 years ago that the phenomena started and is still being continued today from the Sherburn Terrace Citadel where the band have been based since the beginning of the C20th. The importance of Consett to the history of the Salvation Army Band movement was recognised in the awarding of a blue plaque in December 2019. Descendants of the original band members still play in the band today, keeping a tradition of music making, community entertainment and fundraising going in Consett for present and future generations. You can hear the band play here.

As well as providing music at Christmas, the Salvation Army has a tradition of supporting the community and people in need during the festive season, and they are running a toy appeal for children up to the age of 16. I am sure they would be grateful for any donations

Images courtesy of Consett Salvation Army Band, Mel Soulsby, Joseph Campbell and Richard Judd; more information on the band can be found via their Facebook group

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If you have any memories or pictures re the Salvation Army Band or XMAS in Consett or the “works” please do get in contact