The Aims of the History Consett Steelworks Project

After our initial online launch due to COVID we are now beginning to work on the next stage of the development of the project

To this end and to share the aims of the project here are our aims

  1. To work towards becoming a form of charity with Trustees etc to then be able to seek funding from various sources
  2. To archive various items including photographs, documents etc in a range of ways with the desire to make it accessible to all
  3. To improve and add to our website
  4. To campaign for a permanent display space/museum
  5. To work towards to finding the next generation of custodians to carry on the work
  6. To continue with the “mapping of the site” and to display this in a range of ways including hopefully 3D modeling and Virtual reality
  7. To work with other groups and projects to support their Steelworks or Consett area based activities
  8. To promote the work we are doing in various ways from social media, to displays, exhibitions and video/oral recordings
  9. To be a custodian of any donations already made or made in the future
  10. To be available to provide information for researchers, media and the like

We would like to thank the near 3,000 members of the Facebook group

This is only the start and watch out for updates as we move forward


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