Consett Heart – Heritage and Arts Centre About to open its doors

The HCSW project team are delighted to see a recent post on the Consett Heart – Heritage and Arts Centre Facebook page saying they about to open the doors

Well done to all that have been involved from the Trustees, to volunteers and the many people and local trades that have donated time, money and goods to make it happen

Post on 5th July 2021

So after a few months of hard graft, lots of paint and elbow grease, Consett Heart has opened its doors to its first regular group. We are all so proud of how far we have come and overcoming the challenges and obstacles that have been put in our way. We hope this is the first of many. Massive shout out to everyone who has helped via donations both with items, monetary and their time and expertise. Also to the committee who have worked tirelessly, painting, raising funds and awareness and all those jobs that people don’t see. So proud.

To contact them

Consett & District Heritage & Arts CIC is a group dedicated to creating a Heritage and Arts Centre for Consett and the surrounding areas. We are a group of volunteers who have been actively involved in the preservation of Heritage and arts in our area.


2 thoughts on “Consett Heart – Heritage and Arts Centre About to open its doors”

  1. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for this blog, it’s really interesting. I’m happy to be signed up to it, and realise that numbers of followers is really importan.
    It would be really helpful to know how many emails to expect per week, though, and if there is an option for a weekly bulletin?




    1. Hi Lucy Thanks for the comment have emailed you and would welcome more feedback to how we can best use the blog


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