Methodist Tapestry-a Flagship Project

A fascianting talk and so good to learn the process of how a panel is designed and made

Thanks Dave from the Weardale Museum for the presentation and Liz for the co-ordination

Anyone who might have an interest in doing a panel or has an idea for a panel for the Methodist Project please email the project team

You do not need to be an expert embroider to take part and support can be given. Also volunteers welcome from around the world, of all ages and you do not have to be a Methodist or religious

Our first panel has now been handed over to our Technical Adviser, Tracy Franklin. Many thanks to Norma for her hard work in creating the Education panel for our Core Collection! I’m sure you’ll all agree Norma is an extremely talented stitcher 🙂

Not everyone who participates in this project has to be able to produce work of this quality, though – we’re interested to hear from anyone who has worked on anything from a cross stitch kit, a kneeler for a church or any other project.

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